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Jul 25



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Jul 21


This is that look like i’m going to throw it all away…

So perfect.

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To go along with our review, here is a stream of Four Year Strong's new EP, Go Down In History, in its entirety.

Jul 20

Neck Deep - All Hype, No Heart

Since Tumblr wants to allow very little songs per day to be uploaded I have to use a Youtube link. No worries, it’s not that hard to do. Enjoy.


One of the folks I follow posted partial lyrics to this track so I decided to listen to it. I dig it. Awesome beat and nice lyrics. Drake’s part is actually good too. Enjoy.


This song started to solidify the person I would become. I first heard it via it’s music video on MTV in 1997. I watched the whole video not knowing who it was so I stayed glued to the tv until it played again. I had to find out who it was. Once I found out it was a search for the album. They quickly became one of my favorite bands. Almost 20 years later and they still are one of my favorites, I may not listen to them as much as I used to but I still love them nonetheless. Enjoy.


This is the 2nd to last but the last version of this that I will upload. The other version is on a No Sleep sampler so I assume that it was taken from the TTBOADH lp. Enjoy.


Same track as posted before, but from their full length titled “To The Beat Of A Dead Horse”. Sounds fuller to me. I assume it was remastered since the demo. Enjoy


One of my favorite Touche Amore songs on one of my favorite demos. I bought this demo on a whim at Hot Topic some years ago. One of the first records I purchased when I got heavily into collecting.

Sing Along:

Sun down, Sun up.
I speak in sarcasm to relate to all the things I appreciate.
I lie in rhythm to open doors.
I follow suit and just want more.
My reputation is the same it’s been,
and I don’t care what happens.
I read the book, so I know the end.
I’ve probably said too much,
but I’ve never felt more accomplished.
I’m losing sleep.
I’m losing friends.
I’ve got a love/hate/love with the city I’m in.
I’ll count the hours, having just one wish.
If I’m doing fine, there’s no point to this.

Jul 19


I am beyond frustrated right now. It stems from the fact that I am incredibly bored. Normally when I get bored I go out and spend money. Lately, I’ve been trying to not spend money because my wife and I have a daughter on the way. So instead of spending money I just hang out at the house and sit on my computer and listen to music. Another reason I fell that I’m bored is because we don’t have my ten year old son this weekend. He usually keeps me pretty busy talking about his Pokemon and Minecraft obsessions. I wish we had him full time, he is the coolest dude and I really like hanging out with him.

So yeah, bored because I can’t go out and spend money. What would I spend money on? Records or books probably, that’s usually what it comes down to. I continue to buy more and more when I already have so many of each currently. It’s the power of new things to talk about with friends in real life and via the internet. Mostly via the internet since I don’t really hang out with anyone too much anymore.

I’ll be thirty-one on the 30th of this month so you would figure that all of these elementary problems wouldn’t be such a bother to me. I think so too and that frustrates me even further. Another big problem with my boredom is that I am interested in so many things that I don’t show much interest in anything for more than a short time. Or I just half ass show interest in it and consider it a real interest.

I’ve always been really into music and I buy and listen to a ton of it. I have a pretty awesome collection so far and I love that I’m able to add to it when I can. But, I don’t show the same dedication I used to towards it. I used to know every song name, lyric, and tidbit of info about the bands and their members that was available via whatever source. Now I do well to know a member or two, a few song names, and what album they come from. It might not be that bad, I should give myself some credit.

Other than music I try to get into so many other things so I can seem more interesting to people I think that I want to know or that might want to know me. I don’t know why I need constant validation from other people. It just feels good to have great conversations and fun hang outs with people that share the same interests. I used to have a big circle of friends that I would always hang out with but as we all got older we got jobs, and wives, and kids, or none of that but just grew apart. I would like to think that I am a good friend to everyone I consider a friend, but I know in reality that I’m really not what I would want in a friend. Whenever I bring that up I always hear that it’s cool and that it’s just a part of growing up. I really hate that excuse. You’re supposed to meet and befriend new people the older you get. Not the other way around.

My life is pretty awesome when it all comes down to it, it’s just at times it feels like I’m not trying hard enough to make it much better. What was I put on this Earth to do with my life? I feel that I’m not even sure what I’m supposed to do as my role of a human being. I don’t want to be ordinary. I want to change people’s lives for the better so that when I leave this place everyone will know that I worked my ass off to make sure I tried to make everyone’s lives as positive as possible.

So, what should I do about trying to just focus on one interest at a time? I can’t say that I have any type of disorder because I’ve never been diagnosed with anything and I feel that that is the easy way out. I’d rather beat it than succumb to it. Any and all ideas will be welcome. Thanks in advance.

Jul 01


I’ve been waiting for Phil Tippett to respond to this joke

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Jun 21




Neil Patrick Harris - The OUT List [x]

preach it baby

NPH you are a wise and good man.

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Jun 06


Is anybody listening?  Who lies awake at night wishing for a dream before dawn’s light?  Who’s alone in the darkness?  Whose nights are endless?  Who lies awake at night knowing that this dream dies in daylight?  Is anyone listing to every breath?  We live a dying dream, this is our dying dream.  One last chance with every breath.  We live a dying dream.

So perfect.

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